Yiğit Nalkıran Response.Write("Hello World!");

Yiğit Nalkıran

Full Stack Developer, Consultant and Entrepreneur Co-Founder & CTO @Otoredi

Spent his childhood with Asp (VB), grew under the roof of .Net (C#), Chit-Chatted about t-SQL with MSSQL databases, became a full stack developer whose every new challenge stumbled upon with Node.js and MongoDB. Knows every aspect of Holy SEO due to lack of super experience of SEO agencies that he had to hire for his projects, UX expert who walks on air when he increases conversion with his magical A/B tests.

Yigit is Otoredi's co-founder and CTO since 2012 and also nowadays he works on a freelance basis for IT / UX / Start-up as consultant and developer.